Eliminate your fat without liposuction!

Fat-End-Trilogy - The new fat shock therapy from Arizona/US

Due to the new high tech method, a concise adipectomy of sport and diet resistant pads is possible which are being recognized by many medical scientist as a very good alternative compare to extensive and painful liposuction.

A permanent and sustainable solution against annoying pads

This technique makes it happen that in most of the cases, vibrations of the adipocellular do cause the drain off of embedded adipocellular. Via a specific vacuum massage, dissolved substances are being broken down by your lymphatic and metabolism system. Results can be seen already after 4 weeks of treatment. Hence, it is a great way to make you ready for your PT Test due to an easy and harmless way of loosing your excess fat and reduce your grith. A long lasting and effective result can be accomplished since new adipocellular after their period of growth do usually not recover anymore.

The Treatment

A personal consultation is our first step to to identify your customized treatment(s). We make sure you will enjoy the whole session in a very relaxing atmosphere with soft music and a wonderful smelling flavors. Contact us now for a test treatment including a consultancy session!

Make more of it

A body oriented awareness regarding motion and nutrition can support the results in order to improve your body and to tight up your tissue. We are happy to consult you!

Overview of further body treatments:

  • Fat loss
  • Weight loss
  • Fat removing
  • Body wrapping
  • Tummy tuck

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